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They are easily offended, especially to those who have very different ways of doing and being. Virgos love helping others realize their true potential and are great at giving practical advice. There systematic methods of order and ways of doing things can help serve them greatly in business, life and also in their service to others.

Virgo's brain is always running in overdrive, this is why they often get a lot done, come up with wonderful ideas and yet they need to be careful of taking care of themselves and receiving adequate sleep.

Weekly Horoscope by Moon Sign

You can always count on Virgo to get the job done, take care of a task or to be somewhere on time. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and also represents the characteristics of someone who doesn't like to sit still for too long.

Both physically and mentally, Virgo likes to create and keep moving with ideas or moving forward in every sense of the word. Virgos also make great communicators and use this skill effectively in both their working and personal lives.

Always looking to understand people, situations or things, Virgo's are great seekers of knowledge and love problem solving no matter how big or small the problem is.

Your Weekly Virgo Horoscope from Oscar and Jonathan Cainer

Virgo's can be deemed perfectionists and this usually either work to their favor or against them. Virgos all round are good natured people, who always strive to better the lives of themselves and others and make for great company in friends and relationships alike.

Want to know more about the Virgo sign? Moon is traveling through conscientious Virgo today.

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You probably are correct, but say it nicely. Run errands and don't forget to floss your teeth.

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Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope. But, it could well turn out to be much better than you expect.

Virgo Love Weekly 10 December – 16 December 2018

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Since things rarely happen as we like to think they will, we often end up dealing with the consequences of unpredicatable events. This can happen at any time. Yet, over the festive season when we're all 'supposed' to be doing nothing but eating, drinking and merry-making, it would be easier if we knew what to expect.

I'm not suggesting that you need to be ready to react to a challenging situation this week. But if you're prepared, then when something comes out of the blue it will be a bonus rather than a drama.

Virgo Love Weekly Horoscope, Virgo Love this week

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